Organisational Structure Ikea

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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This is an organisational structure of the Service Office of IKEA Netherlands which is located in Amsterdam and has 150 employees.


The managers of every IKEA store in the Netherlands report to the Service Office. The Service Office has as goal to support the management of all the IKEA stores in the Netherlands, it doesn't have as a goal to check how the stores are being managed.


At the Service Office the Retail Manager is the boss. The following managers report directly back to him:


•  Deputy Retail manager

•  Property & Expansion manager

•  Finance & Administration manager

•  Business Controller

•  Human Resources manager

•  FOOD manager


The Deputy Retail manager is responsible for different department managers.


A Property & Expansion manager is responsible for everything that has to do with opening a new store.


The Finance & Administration manager is responsible for the finances and supports the Business control managers from the stores.


The Business Controller is responsible for the IT, security, forecasting and making a national business plan for the IKEA stores in his/her country.

The Human Resources manager is responsible for job changes within IKEA itself.


The FOOD manager is responsible for the restaurant menu.






The Deputy Retail manager is responsible for the following departments:

•  Retail Logistics manager

•  Communication & Interior Design manager

•  Marketing manager

•  Sales manager

•  Customer Relations manager


Retail Logistics managers are responsible for assisting the logistics managers of every IKEA store in the country.


Communication & Interior Design managers assist the Interior Design managers of the IKEA stores.


Marketing managers are responsible for the IKEA catalogue and the distribution of the catalogue.

The Sales manager is responsible for making as much profit as possible by selling...
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