Organisational Structure

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Organisational Design and Structure
Organisational design and structure is help the companies to understand what they're doing in the organisation and in conformity with an ideal to work together to complete all the missions and reach all the goals of an organization (Eric.F and Demand.M, n.d.). When a company just starting up or doing a business, they able to know the concepts of both. Its will help to figures out the company identity, missions, functions and all of the things about the organizational structure and design to help it out. Structure and design have separated two parts, they also have some differences that managers must be clearly understanding in order to help out their business (Eric.F and Demand.M, n.d.). An organisational structure is an expression to show the employees performing the different tasks and functions of a company and how the employees connections to one another person. Organisational structure that is shows that how a company allocate the job, the employees job position, how the employees reporting to another or how they command to.

Design in an organization is much the same as for buildings, clothing and vehicles -- it's a plan. When a company's leaders develop plans for how their company should function or would perform better, they undertake the business of organizational design. Good design takes inventory of all the tasks, functions and goals of a business, and then develops groupings and orderings of job positions, departments and individuals to best and most efficiently achieve those ends. Usually, designs are expressed through an organizational chart, which helps players throughout an organization understand functions and power relationships.
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