Organisational Structure

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Organisation Structure

Every organisation has a specific structure run the business as per the requirement. The main function is business function and rest are support functions. Depending on the functions department forms. The sub departments or sub functions called verticals. The pyramid structure of organisational rule applies in all departments. Department or function is headed by department heads and verticals are headed by vertical heads who reports to department heads. In organisation like telecom, almost all company follows same structure. Bharti Airtel ltd has the following structure department wise. 1) HR (Human Resource )

2) Sales & Distribution
3) Marketing
4) Customer Service Delivery
5) Supply Chain Management
6) Finance
7) Legal & Regulatory
8) Business Excellence
9) Network
10) IT

The organisational structure that existed till recently concentrated on the hierarchy of the operations (not services) inside the company as a whole. The structure depicts the corresponding operation/region of different in-charges and hence it didn't hold anyone responsible for each of its services. So, the company found it better to restructure its organisational chart and it came into implementation from 1st August. The transformed organisational structure will have two distinct Customer Business Units (CBU) with clear focus on B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) segments. Bharti Airtel's B2C business unit will comprehensively service the retail consumers, homes and small offices, by combining the erstwhile business units - Mobile, Telemedia, Digital TV, and other emerging businesses (like M-commerce, M-health, M-advertising etc.). The B2C organization will consist of Consumer Business and Market Operations. Airtel is the 5th largest mobile operator in the world in terms of subscriber base and has a commercial presence in 20 countries and the Channel Islands. Total employee of Airtel is 22858 across.

Various sub functions or verticals which are in the HR dept are as follows with detail job detail a) Administration
Complete execution work of department. Office management, employee requirement, all accessories supply, computers, seat arrangement, travel arrangement, cafeteria management. b) Recruitment
All talent recruitment for all the departments and for all levels. Tie up with recruitment agencies, campus recruitment follow ups, CV short listing, taking interviews, checking the authentication of the candidates. c) Training

Training and development of all employees including channel partners and of payroll employees. New joined induction process & training, identifying the training requirements of all the employees, arranging trainers as per the requirements, scheduling the training dates, locations, place, and post training feedback, and implementation monitoring. d) Payrolls

Managing all the salary related cases & issues. Claims and settlements, reimbursements, loans are the concerns of this profile.

The main business function or department of the industry. All the planning and operations depends on the sales department. They are the legs of the company. They do all the implementation of strategies, planning and execute the targets given. They maintain the distribution network and form the channel partners for the company to run the business. In company like telecom, here the frontend sales employee called Territory manager, who in turn reports to Zonal Sales Manager, who in tun reports to Zonal Business Manager and who reports to Operations Head. The basic functions of the team are as follows

a) Territory Manager is responsible for channel partner recruitment, retail appointment, make channel partner and retail understand the product and conveying the targets and educate them about the process with given systems and process. Follow up for achieving targets. b)...
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