Organisational Strategy

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STRM002 Organisational Strategy

Assignment 1

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Value Chain:
After applying Value Chain system Porter (1985), following data is generated through detailed analysis of General Electric. Value Chain Analysis identified following activities that are being best undertaken by GE. Value Chain| Primary Activities| Supporting Points|

| Operations: | * Economies of Scale. * manufacturing of products and service centres worldwide. | | Service: | * Acquisitions of service companies. * A team of talented marketing executives. * Bundling of Product and services, * Cross business high visibility marketing campaigns * High profitability and earning from services. * Introduction of customer satisfaction metrics and methods to track them. | | Marketing and Sales: | * Advanced Marketing Seminar. * Experienced Commercial Leadership Program. * Every business has a VP-level head of marketing. * At the Customer, For the Customer, ” program * Reverse Innovation through customer optimization approach. * bundling products with support services to offer customized “customer solutions.” * coordination across GE’s businesses to enhance customer solutions. * Strong Presence in growth markets such as China, India, the Middle East and Brazil. * “Company-to-Country” strategy. * Offering simpler, less costly “de-featured” versions to emerging markets. * Globalizing GE's organization and its talent base. * Greater freedom given to local teams to develop and improve products and sales through reverse innovation and increased spending on R&D.| | Support Activities| Supporting Points|

| Firm Infrastructure: | * Internally developed leadership program Through meritocratic system of development and promotion. * Corporate University at crotonville, NY and session C system. * effective management appraisal and development process. * Effective Benchmarking for performance management. * Greater cross business integration. * Using growth process "six part growth process" perfected over years.| | Human Resource Management: | * Internal Development system, Domain Expertise Selection, Career Planning, internal hiring. * Appraisal system, Meritocratic system. * Leadership development Program, CEO factory. * Management Development system. * Effective Global hiring increased. * Hiring across the globe.| | Technology:| * High Budget Technological innovation programs. * Superior Product Development through Reverse innovation, imagination breakthrough, ecomagination. * State of art superior technology and facilities. * Global Research Centres and Huge R&D expenditure. * Leader in high Technology infrastructure. * Major acquisitions to enhance Growth platforms.|

Global Hiring
Growth Leader
New Business Development
Imagination Breakthroughs


Leadership development Prgram

Expertise Selection

Internal Development System
Leadership in



Global Presence
Reverse Innovation

Diverse products

Marketing & Sales
Global Presence

At the Customer for the Customer
Advanced Marketing Seminar

Leadership Program
Lean Six Sigma

Reverse Innovation

Customer Satisfaction metrics
Customer Optimization

Strong Presence in growth markets

Bundling products and Services
Considering the outcome of Value Chain analysis and activity system highly suggests that that following are the core competencies of GE. Technological Innovation, Human resource management, Marketing and sales/customer Services and Global presence. Hamel and Prahalad (1990) identified three...
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