Organisational Strategic Marketing Policies and Its Impact on Customers' Brand Loyalty. a Comparative Study of Glo Mobile and Mtn.

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Organisational strategic marketing policies and its impact on customers brand loyalty. (A comparative study of Glo mobile and MTN)


MARCH 2013

In our world today, the main objective of any business concern is to make profit but many organisations find it difficult to meet customers’ needs let alone to enjoy their loyalty due to the challenges of marketing operations in an environment.

The environment of any business has an influence on it success and it determines the performance of operation of such business organisation. The complexity of business environment be it business enterprises, corporate entities or even manufacturing industries are all struggling for survival especially those that are highly competitive like in the telecommunication face an uphill task in their quest to survive business competition with their rivals most especially when it has to do with the sales and marketing of their goods, services or brand. In other to give them self a competitive edge and advantage over the rival company/ companies.

Telecommunication industries have their share in peculiarity of environment like their counterparts aside its capital intensive factor, other factors such as economic, political, socio cultural and others which are uncontrollable by the organisation cannot be over emphasised. The marketing environment also poses a lot of threat to the survival of organisation in terms competitors, price ranges, and promotion abilities and so on. It is worthy of note that these factors are not constant they keep changing over time. Hence for a Telecommunication company to use strategic marketing effectively in other to win customers’ brand loyalty, it must in addition to having the cognizance of these factors and be able to adapt to the changes.

Haven the cognizance of this makes a company to adopt strategic marketing techniques; newsletter, email, podcasts etc for their product with the view of increasing their general turnover; using brand loyalty as a performance measurement knowing full well that variables such as customer satisfaction, high rate of demand etc can also be used. It is therefore, the focus of this research work to find out the measure of impact which strategic marketing techniques have on brand loyalty of the customer(s).

The key areas of this statement are;
* Strategic marketing
* Customer brand loyalty
* Quality of service
There have been public complaints about the quality of services provided by operators in the mobile telecommunication industry in Nigeria. And this led to the commission imposing fines on the four major mobile telecommunication providers in Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat) in May 2012. Consequently upon this fine, a meeting was held between the commission and the listed companies where a new set of KPI targets were agreed upon and a glide path towards further improving the KPI’s were agreed via a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) in June 2012.

However, December, 2012 was set as the date where KPI measurements will be taken to ascertain operators’ compliance to the terms as set out in the new KPI targets.

The following are the some of the problems identified in this industry: * The average Bouncing Busy Hour (BBH).
* The Cell Setup Success Rate (CSSR).
* Drop Call Rate (DCR).
* Traffic Channel Congestion (TCHcong).
* Stand Alone Dedicated Control Channel Congestion (SDCCHcong). * The Cell Capacity.
* Sites impacted by bomb blasts, flooding and fibre vandalisation.

It must be stated here again that different business organisations cum sectors adopt different advertising techniques which give them different levels of result in terms of turnover and customers brand loyalty. More so, in other to enjoy customers’ brand loyalty, operators...
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