Organisational Process

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Q1. Explain strategy as an organisational process?

Organisation is a social system of people who are structured and managed to meet some goals Strategy means the grand plan and the term is borrowed from the military which distinguished between the grand plan and actual action by calling the former strategy and the latter tactics.

Strategy in organizations can be divided into three:

Corporate strategy
Business strategy
Functional strategy

Organisational Process – Structure, System, Process, Jobs, and Tasks


It follows that there has to be some internal communication and control within the purchasing system and between the purchasing system and manufacturing system, etc. This is called structure. Structure controls the way we interact within and in between systems. The structure depends on the strategy, i.e., if the strategy is to make the chair making very innovative, then everyone need to talk to everyone else and act accordingly but if it is to be made very cost effective and run like a machine without much innovation, then this type of communication is not necessary and you may adopt a hierarchical system. The strategy itself is based on the vision and mission.


system is the way we group functions, create a logical order, organise the flow of information and resources and let it run almost by itself. In business too, we have systems such as HR, marketing, operations, finance, etc. and can have more systems such as logistics, supply chain, international marketing, etc. depending on the need. The role of a system is to take in some input and create some output. The creating part of it is called throughput.

Thus, typically every system would have:
1) input (raw materials, for example),
2) throughput (the way it is mixed or connected), and
3) output (a final or interim product which becomes raw material for another input).

Process is a set of logical activities that lead to...
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