Organisational Culture

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Organisational Culture

By | April 2011
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What problems did Georgina face when trying to change the culture at Benefice Charity, and how could Georgina have dealt with these problems to successfully change the culture at Benefice Charity?

With the development of enterprises, while the external environment changes very rapidly, it makes the organizational culture in the company's operating profit is more important. There are many definitions of organizational culture; all of them focus on the same points: collective experience, routine, beliefs, values, goals, and systems. (Luthans, 2003) These are learned and re-learned, passed on to new employees, and continued on as part of a company's core identity. Moreover, organization culture can make the relationship with each other more harmonious and the contradictions among the organization alleviate. It has cohesion, incentive, control, coordination and other functions. The employees’ behaviors are bound by the organization culture, so the employees have the same values and ethics in the organization. Organizations make their ethos explicit through their mission statement. (Vicki, 2008) The shadow of the organization lies in the unexpressed aspects of the culture and ethos. There may be unspoken rules and ways of working that influence clients, counselors and employees. Obviously a good organization culture can make the companies alive and grow rapidly.

Benefice Charity is an organization meeting various needs of disadvantaged people in a large Australian city. It has meet many problems in operating this charity, such as losing money in the business, the number of people served decreases. Georgina, a new CEO, implements a new mission to change the old culture. In this essay, the following discussions will focus on the problems Georgina faced when trying to change the culture and how Georgina has dealt with the problems in order to successfully change the culture.

Old values –power of managers and power for lower level workers As...

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