Organisational Change

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What Is Organizational Change?

Organizational change is the term used to describe the transformation process that a company goes through in response to a strategic reorientation, restructure, change in management, merger or acquisition or the development of new goals and objectives for the company. The realignment of resources and the redeployment of capital can bring many challenges during the transformation process and organizational change management seeks to address this by adopting best practice standards to assist with the integration of new company vision. Organizational change is not just change for the sake of change itself. The major precursor for organizational change is some form of exogenous force such as an external event. Cuts in a companies funding, the streamline of operations due to a merger are common examples of the magnitude of an event that creates organizational change and development. Companies that are nearing the end of the product life cycle make organizational changes in response to exiting a market or reorienting resources to new or existing business operations.

The challenges encountered by organizational change have a ripple effect on the entire organization. When the business units that comprise a company are fully integrated, a change or restructure in one can have a profound domino effect on another. Trying to increase productivity whilst experiencing a reduction in resources is a prime example of how shorfalls can create stress for company employees. Effectively managing this process is an art that has created a new area of expertise that has become known as change management. Organizational change can impact the psychological, emotional and physical states of companies employees. Many people experience comfort zones and develop barriers during their daily lives. A change in company operations can challenge and stress people's values and central core beliefs. Dealing with behavioral and cultural changes is part of the organizational change process and an important consideration for change management professionals. Adopting new company procedures and practices can require the development of new education programs to assist with aligning people to new company operations. Companies that are going through extensive organizational changes employ the services of highly specialized personnel who can assist with the integration process. Personnel who operate in this area are adept at translating a companies vision, communicating, integrating and re-educating individuals to align with the new goals and objectives of the company. This can include advising management where rigid operational structures need to be adapted to better serve the needs of the companies and employees alike. Change management is evolving as the business landscape changes in response to changing customer preferences, developments, tastes and new and improved processes and technologies. How To Bring About Effective Organizational Change

Many professional and experienced people often create various plans to bring about effective organizational change. The chances of its success and failure depend upon the implementation of carefully designed plans and the strategies. It is, therefore, essential for the individual or a group of individuals to frame the plans and strategies effectively and efficiently. Strong leadership for organizational change is called for. For effective organizational change, certain steps are required to be fulfilled. The successful implementation of these steps brings the desired changes to the organizations structure. The need for organizational change is usually considered when the company is

Principles of effective organizational change:
Involve all the members in the proposed change. Involve the workers or employees in the change planning because their participation creates an environment of cooperation as opposed to opposition. This helps to facilitate the company's strategies and...
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