Organisational Challenges

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When I sit down to write this paper, I cannot help but to remember Lord Brahma, whose four heads were meant, simultaneously, to recite all four Vedas.Similarly, when I look at this problem of organizational challenges in India, I yearn to have those four heads- because there are Four Faces which need to interact in tandem.Firstly,let us have a look at the three visible heads and then lastly, the invisible head. The three visible faces can be described as -

But before we start,Let me quote from Ecclesiastes 7:4,which will set the tone of this article:

"The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth"

Hence,the tone might be critical at times but it is meant to improve upon the existing system prevalent in India.

ASKING QUESTIONS:Now,before we delve further into the "managing" part of the problem, Let's have some clarity about what to manage amongst these plethora of challenges?The first question that would immediately come to anyone's mind is - What is an Organisation? What does Organisation consist of? What exactly are the challenges of an organisation in today's India? The challenges which look like challenges - Are they really the challenges-or-there is a different tableau to be looked at? SEEKING SOLUTIONS:

Q.1) What is an Organisation?

Group of people who have come together,willingly,to achieve a common end.Of course the definition is debatable-to the extent of being esoteric- but for the sake of simplicity and keeping it to the point of discussion we will stick to this definition.

Q.2) What exactly are the challenges of an organisation in today's India?
Responding to Globalization?
Managing Workforce Diversity?
Changing Demographics?
Improving Quality and Productivity?
Improving Customer Service?
Improving People Skills?
Stimulating Innovation and Change?
Helping Employees...
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