Organisational Behaviour: Cognitive & Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Emotional intelligence, Intelligence, Emotion Pages: 9 (2492 words) Published: April 11, 2013
ACAP Student ID: 196843
Name: Giuseppina Wolfram
Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Science

Unit/Module: Organisational Behaviour

Educator: Jacqueline Campbell

Assessment Name: Academic Essay:Cognitive & Emotional intelligence

Assessment Number: 1

Term & Year: Term 2, 2012

Word Count: 1,892


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Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence are two key areas when combined together, provide an individual with a greater advantage in achieving success not only in their personal lives, but within an organisation. Cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence are considered to be important individual differences in the field of organisational behaviour. This essay will critically evaluate both concepts, as well as discuss the individual differences between the two. A definition of both concepts will be provided, along with individual strengths and limitations identified of both in relation to modern organisations. Finally, suggestions on how both of these concepts can be applied within organisations will conclude this essay. Cognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are both individual differences in determining one’s life success and have unique strengths, limitations and specific applications (Goleman, 1998). Cognitive ability or General Mental Ability (GMA) is stated as being the best general predictor of performance across a variety of jobs (Hunter & Schmidt, 2004). There is low correlation between IQ scores and job performance, and several non cognitive factors not measured by IQ such as personal and emotional traits that are also important factors affecting job roles and performance (Neisser, Boodoo, Bouchard, Boykin, Brody, Ceci, Halpern, Loehlin, Perloff, Sternberg & Urbina, 1996). Hunter (2004) states the relationship between cognitive ability, job knowledge and job performance. An individual with limited job knowledge will not possess the abilities and skills needed to fulfil their role in a successful manner and will suffer decreased job performance (Hunter, 2004). Emotional intelligence has become increasingly popular in the field of organisational management by its ability to measure aspects not previously been able to be tested with standard intelligence testing, as traditional forms of success account for only twenty percent of job success (Goleman, 1998). Effective management of organisations and focus on emotional intelligence during the last decade have become integral parts in effective leadership (Goleman, 1998). Organisational behaviour can be defined as the study of the way people think, feel and act in organisations where groups of people work independently towards a goal (McShane & Travaglione, 2007). Cognitive Intelligence can be defined as a mental capability that involves the ability to reason, solve problems, plan, think abstractly, and comprehend complex ideas and are divided into reasoning abilities, verbal and numerical skills, and analytical skills (Thompson, 2010). A person’s ability to learn and the speed at which they learn also determines the level of cognitive ability as well as one’s ability to make sense of situations (Thompson, 2010). A cognitively intelligent person is not determined by how smart a person is but rather how well they can figure out...
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