Organisational Behaviour Case Study

Topics: Group dynamics, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: June 1, 2012
1. Bailey understood the importance of the need to make employees feel motivated and belonged so that job satisfaction can be achieved and performance can be maximized. However, the different answers Bailey received showed that the staffs are unclear of the direction of their group’s goals and that they lack commitment to the organization. The employees do not share the same vision and goal between themselves as well as with the group; they do not identify themselves as a team.

According to the Individual Performance Equation, individual attributes, work effort and organization support are factors that affect job performance. (Wood et al, 2010) Of which, work effort depends largely on motivation. The employees will be less motivated to work hard since their commitments are not aligned with those of the group. With employees’ unwillingness to put in effort, poor job performance will result and it will hinder the group’s progression. In some cases, employees not only feel unmotivated, but also feel negatively towards their jobs. This causes job dissatisfaction and people will eventually leave the organization.

2. In terms of group inputs, the organizational setting is affecting the group’s operations. Wood et al, (2010) said that “the setting can influence whether the group members become psychologically close to one another, the extent to which they cooperate and/or compete with one another, and how well they communicate with one another”. The distinct problem in the group’s setting is that there is no vision alignment, this disable the employees to work well and complement the work of one another. Because of the lack of clarity in purpose, the employees believed that their job only involve answering calls and nothing else. The group failed to motivate them through task identity and task significance. The employees did not understand how their service is crucial to the efficiency of the whole billing process; they only see the start of the job but not...
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