Organisational Behaviour

Topics: Management, Risk, Decision theory Pages: 5 (1591 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Organizational Behavior

Introduction: An organization has different type of work. Planning is one of the vital works that an organization has to improvise properly. The part of planning work is more sophisticated rather than anything else. The planning reflect the mission, vision, goal, of the organization. The planning usually execute by the manager of the company. An entrepreneur or owner may can invest money but he or she can’t do the planning of his own. For planning a specialist or even a group of specialist may be able to work whether the organization has its activity across the globe. The spectrum of role is very wide and precise it through a short definition. The systematic way of planning is correlated with the management. Which direct the organization towards a long term planning. The short term planning may can be arbitrary but still there is a dilemma of risk for balancing necessary planning for short term versus long term planning. European, Asian and Japanese planning strategy does reflect that. In reverse in France and south Korea the planning of an organization may be different with respect to the management level of the organization it does carry the occupational status. Here the role of planning will be described alongside of the critical evaluation of it. In every phase of task suitable example will be reflect the theoretical approach of the role of planning. An evaluation of role of planning as a primary management function: Planning has principal role for organization. For effective management sounds planning are essential as it guide to all management function. Some role of planning as a primary management function and its evaluation has been described here: * Focus attention on objective: Every organization has its own objective. These objective forces the employees towards the goal of the company. Planning visualize the objective through the execution of work. It keep congruency between the work of employees and the objective of the company. Accordance with the objective it direct the organization from its production cycle to the end consumer. Planning is effective and worthy as it can forecast the action of work which tends towards the ultimate goal and which tends away. Planning provides a rational approach for predefined objective and sound planning avoid the danger of means becoming ends and irrelevant. Example: MacDonald is operating its business throughout the whole world. It has more franchise more than 119 countries and 80% of the restaurant across the world is franchise. This franchise has been operating independently remain coherent the goal and objective of the mother company. How a multinational company can operate its business across the world and maintain its quality service and enhancing its business day by day? The answer of this question insist of the heading of that the first priority job for planning is to focus the attention on objective rather than anything else. The importance to regulate by the role and reflect the objective in planning is the only way of this successful business. It is not planning which play the vital role only here. Rather than to focus on planning and to direct it in a proper way is the source of success for MacDonald. * Reduce uncertainty and change in planning: For a business organization the usual word that placed, as a prefix is risk and uncertainty. This is inevitable. Planning cannot eliminate the risk. But it is planning which enable an organization to cope with the uncertainty and change and drive it in a proper way. Planning forces help to shake off the inertia and induce the employees to look beyond those noses at the time of catastrophe. . As the future is always unpredictable and the uncertainty is the certain risk for any business so effective alternative courses of actions reduce the uncertainty. Rather than to remain behind the curve it will help to exercise judgments and proceed cautiously to take the most feasible action. It...
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