Organisational Behavior Assignment

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Groups and Organizational Dynamics Assignment

Prof. Nafisa Kattarwala

Submitted by – Ryan Pereira PT-MBA Div. B Roll No. 39

What are the types of groups you have worked with in an organization, what are the conflicts that had arisen and how did you resolve them?
A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives. Groups can be either formal or informal. Formal groups are those groups that are defined by the organization’s structure, with designated work assignments establishing tasks. Informal groups are alliances that are neither formally structured nor organizationally determined. Informal groups are natural formations in the work environment that appear in response to the need for social contact. Formal groups are further classified into command groups, task groups and functional groups whereas informal groups are classified into interest groups and friendship groups. As an employee of JPMorgan, I had the privilege of working with a wide variety of groups ranging from functional (formal) groups to interest and friendship (informal) oriented groups.

The formal functional group which I was associated with had been formed in order to achieve the organizational objective. As a part of the corporate actions and income processing team, my groups’ primary function was to ensure corporate action notices were sent out to clients in a timely fashion and ensuring payment of incomes (dividends and coupons) to all entitled JPMorgan clients were completed as per the specified deadlines. We were a group of 5 individuals (4 males and 1 female). The conflict that had initially risen within this formal functional group was the work allocation to males and females. As the team was usually heavily burden with volumes throughout the major part of the week and as the female in the group had to leave early to take care of household activities, she had informed the group that she would...
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