Organisational Behavior

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Managers should do everything they can to enhance the job satisfaction of their employees.” Do you agree or disagree? I perfectly agree that managers should do all the activities to create job satisfaction in employees because employees who feel that they are fairly treated by and are trusting of the organization are more willing to engage in behaviors that create job satisfaction in them. It helps organization in many ways and affects the performance of the organization in following ways. * Productivity is generally higher in organizations with more satisfied workers. * Satisfied employees have fewer absences.

* Satisfied employees are less likely to quit.
* Organizations take actions to cultivate high performers and to weed out lower performers. Q#1.B
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using regular attitude surveys to monitor employee job satisfaction? ADVANTAGES:
* By identifying problems with communications, comfort and other business factors, employers can work to create positive change that benefits the company. * Employee surveys allow you to identify problems within an organization * Most businesses operate in a hierarchical manner. This can create situations where employees feel like they are unimportant or do not matter. * It is a very cost effective way to discern certain new problems within the organization. DISADVANTAGES:

* Conducting a survey to monitor the employees’ job satisfaction takes a long time * Surveys are inflexible mode of inquiry. A person cannot ask the true reasons or opinions through a questionnaire as he can do so through an interview. * Usually people do not co operate with surveyors. They either don’t share the information or provide the wrong or biased information which may lead towards wrong...
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