Organisation Theory and Design

Topics: Organizational structure, Organization, John Grisham Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Organisation Theory and Design
The environment of Aquarius Advertising Agency is somewhat hostile. This is mainly because other agency specialists are bypassing the Account Executives. And the main reason why the agency hired Account Executives is to oversee that clients have what they need from the agency, and have the account closed. Since specialists are bypassing the executives, the executives will have no clue as to what is happening to an account given to him by the agency to take care of. If the situation continues, the agency may find itself operating without Account Executives. This makes the environment of the agency uncertain and unstable. Since the goal of every in-house specialist is to have his or her idea bought by a client, the goal of the agency, as a whole can never be met. From the case study given, it is stated that the agency want to increase the flexibility to meet changes and co-operation between departments responsible in giving clients their advertising needs. If the specialists can have the decency to follow the rules in engaging with clients, the agency’s goal is met. Future goals of the agency cannot be met should the current situation continue. Culture today is fast changing. The turnover that Aquarius Advertising Agency has experienced is an evidence of the fast-changing trend. Researchers must find better ways to present ideas that clients would like to see. Researchers must know how to harness new technologies in order to meet the demands that the agency is facing. And they must do it fast (Craig and Douglas, 1999), even though the agency wants to slow down its response time to change, or face the consequence of losing a client to other agencies that are adapted to our changing culture. Having an adaptable and co-operative firm would be best. The agency’s size is medium. It may give potential clients the idea that the agency will not be able to meet what they need because of the firm size. But since the agency size is medium it...
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