Organisation Theory

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There are multiple perspectives being used by theorists to explain and analyze the different knowledge and understanding of an organization. Theories are always changing along with the changing paradigms and most of the organization experience this changes throughout. Theories can assist us in analyzing tough situations but also allow us to discover different effective solutions to solve the selected issue. We also use theory in our daily life to analyze various situations. Thus it is important that we understand the multiple perspectives, as it would benefit us to understand the organization more when we start working.

There are four different perspectives; they are the Modernism, Postmodernism, Symbolic Interpretive and Critical Theory. In the first section of the essay I will be using the Modernism and Critical Theory to do a comparison on the meta-theoretical assumptions. While the second part of the essay will be on the case of Apple, where it shows my argument that Apple is able to succeed in the market today due to their unique management style and being able to outsource to different suppliers globally.

Section. 1


The Modernist perspective of ontology concentrates on the presumptions about objective reality where the individual see objects according to the knowledge they know. While for the epistemology, the modernist perspective believes in positivism that individuals will recognize the knowledge through scientific measurements by testing hypotheses that is against one’s distinct reality using the quantitative methods and deductive approach (Hatch & Cunliffe 2006). The modernist organization theorist concentrates on how to increase efficiency and effectiveness through the application of theories relating to structure and control.

The ontology of modernism theorists assumes that in an organization structure, regardless social or physical, it will influence the behaviors of the workers as will as contributing to...
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