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I, Vasdev Madhu declare that the project report entitled organization study at “Hindustan Unilever Limited Bakery Unit, Cochin” submitted by me for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration of the University of Kerala is my own work. The report has not been submitted for the award of any other degree of this University or any other University.

Place: Alleppey Vasdev Madhu Date: Roll No: 11458049

At First I would like to thank almighty God for allowing me to complete my project work successfully. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr.Radhakrishna Pillai, director of IMT. I am highly indebted to Mr. Ravindran Nair, the senior General Manager of HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LIMITED BAKERY UNIT, COCHIN for giving me an opportunity to do the study in the organization. I also extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Sunil Kumar.T and all other staffs of Hindustan Unilever Limited Bakery Unit, Cochin as they spend their valuable time for providing details regarding the company, for their support and help in the completion of the project. I also from my heart extend gratitude and sincere thanks to my guide Mr. Kailas.K.P whose able guidance, advice and assurance gives me confident to strive for perfection in my work.

Si No| | Contents| Page No:|
1| | Chapter – 1 Introduction| 1|
2| | Chapter – 2 Industry profile| 6|
3| | Chapter – 3 Company Profile| 10|
4| | Chapter – 4 Organisation Structure| 26|
5| | Chapter – 5 Departmental Analysis| 28|
6| | Chapter – 6 SWOT Analysis| 52|
7| | Chapter – 7 Findings, Suggestions & Conclusion| 57| | | | |
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List of Charts and Table
Si No| | Contents| Page No:|
1| | 5S’ Principle Table| 23|
2| | Organisational Structure Chart| 27|
3| | Engineering Department Chart| 28|
4| | Production Department Chart| 31|
5| | Production Flow Chart | 36|
6| | Quality Assurance Department Chart| 37|
78| | Accounts and Finance Department ChartHuman Resource Department Chart| 4043| 9| | Marketing/Sales Department Chart| 46|
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Chapter – 1 Introduction
Organizational study involves the study of organisational structure and functioning of the organisation and also the analysis of the department in a detailed manner. It seeks to control, measure, predict, analyze and explain the organisational behavior. We may get certain significance out of this study. It helps to analyze the industry and the corporate strategy employed by the organisation and to understand the organisational framework and its functioning. It also helps to get familiarize with different departments of the organisation and their functioning and to study the interdependence of different departments. . It helps to understand the functions of an organisation and helps to understand the corporate social responsibility performed by the company. It help us to make a SWOT analysis of the organisation. The organisational study helped us to identify, critically assess and summarize the current status of the organisation and to familiarize with a reputed industry, business house or service organisation. It also helps to relate theory with practice and also enable us to understand how the key business processes are carried out in the organisation. An organisation study necessarily mean that a study of a particular organisation on detail, their operations, various departments of the firm,...
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