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Jean-David Bokungu
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McDonalds is the biggest chain of hamburger restaurants in the world, with 33.000 restaurants, around the world the serve nearly 68 million customers in the daily basis in almost 119 countries around the world, 1.7 million employees. McDonalds was created by Richard James “Dick” McDonald and his brother Maurice James”Mac” McDonald, they were amongst the first pioneers of American fast food restaurants .They opened the first McDonalds restaurant in California in 1940 .although they started only by themselves ,they started franchising the concept in the nearly 1953,because they wanted to be “millionaire”, at first the brothers wanted just to franchise the concept ,but because of a “mistake”, with their partner Neil Fox(who kept the McDonald name and logo the same),they decided to franchise everything including the design as well as the concept of fast food restaurant , thought it operates either as a franchisee , an affiliate or a corporation itself .And in 1954 they got introduced to Ray Kroc who was a milkshake machine salesman at the time , Ray wanted to globalize the franchise to make it international ,in few years the small franchise get extremely huge and it would become the McDonald’s Corporation, that is now. But to get there Ray Kroc had to purchase the company form the two siblings for a cost of 2.7 million. Now 80 percent, of restaurants are franchised. The franchise gave McDonald many opportunities, because they give career opportunities, that offers training that will suits your ambitions and many of theirs managers started as crew members.

McDonald is known for theirs different type of product they serve, the main ones are, Hamburgers items and desserts chicken, French fries, breakfast, soft drinks and shakes. They also serve salads and vegetarians products as well as warp, fruits and smoothies.Thought it varies sometime in each country, like in UK they...
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