Organisation Analysis and Design

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“… [O]verreliance on structural assumptions and a narrow emphasis on rationality can lead to an irrational neglect of human, political, and cultural variables crucial to effective action…” (Bolman and Deal 2008: 339). Critically discuss this statement in the context of the strengths and weaknesses of designing an organisation by primarily considering the structural frame but also taking into account other relevant frames.

Bolman & Deal (2003) has provided us a four-frame model to help us in building a broader and clearer perspective of an organization. The four frames as suggested by Bolman & Deal (2003) are Structural, Human Resource, Political and Symbolic. Each frame is unique, lucid and powerful in itself. Further, each frame can be used to analyse and to articulate the issues been faced by an organization and to resolve those issues. The structural frame emphasizes more on target achievement, specialization of roles and formal relationships within an organization (Bolman & Deal 2003). Human Resource frame highlights how employees and organisation can work together for a common goal. The political frame assumes that organization has limited resources and management struggles to attain power. Finally, the symbolic frame focuses on issues of ethics, faith or culture of an organization. In this essay, I am going to take an employee’s perspective using the case of Sunny who worked in a large multinational organization TechnoBiz Ltd (this is a pseudo name), which was primarily involved in IT consulting and outsourcing. He had joined the organization very enthusiastically and he was a self motivated person. He had been getting appreciations for his efforts and was considered the best team player and a useful resource to an organization. A week before Sunny left the organization, he had a small talk with his manager “I have decided to quit.” he said very hesitatingly without having no hopes of getting another job. “Finally” replied his manager with a sly smile on his face. Due to the current situation of recession across globe, TechnoBiz Ltd seemingly had no loss by loosing a resource as useful as Sunny but was this kind of behaviour by the manager towards an employee of any help to the company in a longer run and why the manager behaved that way at first place? I’ll attempt to answer these questions in the essay below by performing four frame analysis of TechnoBiz Ltd as an example. I am going to take a practical approach and analyse how irrationality and overemphasis on structural framework by TechnoBiz Ltd led to a negligence of other essential aspects for business like human, culture and political.

Case Study: Sunny @ TechnoBiz Ltd
It is always assumed that people come to a job already motivated (Shani et al. 2009, p.114) and same was the case with Sunny who enthusiastically joined TechnoBiz Ltd in June 2006 as a fresher soon after his graduation. As per the company policies, he had to undergo a three months training program in a domain not necessarily of his own choice and had to agree to work for at least one year in the company. TechnoBiz Ltd was divided into various horizontal and vertical units and each unit was further having many domains. A divisionalized form of structure as suggested by Mintzberg was suitable for such a complex multinational organisation (cited in Bolman & Deal 2003). The company used to recruit freshers in bulk and used to allocate a particular domain to each one of them without taking their prior consent. A general process was to create an alphabetically sorted list of the names of new recruits and then that list was divided into groups of varying strength and then each group was allocated a particular domain depending on the business requirements of the company. In this way, a domain was allocated at the beginning of the career of an employee and in most cases an employee had to work in that domain till he works in the company. Any decision to change the domain/...
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