What Does Diversity Training Teach?

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Case Incident 2 WHAT DOES DIVERSITY TRAINING TEACH? I. Background Researchers have provided evidence that diversity training programs may not be delivering expected outcomes. Reviews of the historical development of diversity programs demonstrate some significant changes in the ways diversity trainers conceptualize their role. Early diversity training efforts focused primarily on legal compliance and the regulatory framework. This may have created an attitude that diversity was a problem to be solved and avoided when possible, rather than an opportunity. Source: A. Kalev, F. Dobbin, and E. Kelly, “Best Practices or Best Guesses? Assessing the Efficacy of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies”.

Study/Analysis Study Questions: 1. Do you think representation in top management is a fair indicator of the effects of diversity training program? Why or why not? The main objective of a successful diversity training program is to produce a positive working environment to employees by helping them to understand and be sensitive among the difference between co-workers. Diversity training programs cannot directly change individual beliefs. On which top management must understand the fact that the difference in race, sexual orientation, education and work experience may cause remarkable damage to employees own beliefs. Diversity training programs must focus on the ability to increase

awareness, impart knowledge and educate employees further on how to accept differences among fellow employees. Representation in top management is a fair indicator of the effects of diversity training program. Implementations of diversity programs are truly helpful in improving representation in top management. It gives chance to underrepresented minorities and women to hold management positions and signify themselves. 2. Why might ineffective? one-shot diversity training programs be

When can we say that a diversity training program is effective and successful? A diversity training program can be called a success if it meets its target objectives and that is to produce a harmonious and positive working environment to employees. Diversity training program must teach employees how to understand and cope up into a diverse workplace, and encourages the entire organization to look at the lighter side that a diverse workplace is an opportunity to grow as an organization. Thus the above mentioned objectives of diversity training program cannot be achieved in one-shot orientation and acquaintance. According to AllBusiness, an online business resource “a good diversity training is ongoing”. It must be done in a regular basis to keep employees reminded how important is diversity training and the core values it teaches. It also true to the fact that as the organization’s workforce expand, it is most like that its environment become more complex and diverse that’s why a well planned diversity training program must be carried out regularly. 3. What significant obstacles must diversity programs effective? be overcome to make

According to an article at http://www.online-distance-learningeducation.com/diversity-training.html, diversity training programs often fail for several reasons including the following: 1) Diversity programs fail because they are viewed by the organization as the latest human resource trend or because an outside agency recommends that they implement a diversity program.

2) Many organizations fail to implement diversity programs that are custom made for their needs. 3) Buy-in from employees will fail to take place unless an internal consultant who is familiar with the organization initially implements the program. When employees feel the material is not relevant to their job, many employees will simply see the training program as a waste of time. 4) Diversity programs fall short when organizations simply provide training, but fail to provide the resources needed to...
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