Organic Structures in Organizations

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Organic Structures in Organizations
Joe Coogan
Organizational and Management Studies
Gettysburg College

Organic structuring in an organization is theory that as the environment which surrounds and organization changes, so must the organization itself. This theory is one of many different organization structures, which have been developed over the years of management studies. However, organic structuring appears to be the most efficient and allows and organization to survive the longest. The purpose of this is to provide support as to why organic structuring in an organization is the most efficient practice regarding the lifespan of an organization and success. Through a well-supported thesis, this paper will provide multiple examples of statistics and examples as to why organic structuring surpasses its competitors in success.

Organic Structures in Organizations
In today’s world, it is no surprise when a new technology is invented or an undiscovered planet is found. The famous quote by Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changing” seems all to true on a daily basis. From super computers to wireless Internet, the world is changing constantly, and with that change comes a choice: adapt or be left behind. This ultimatum applies heavily to organizations and businesses; without change, an organization cannot even dream to survive. Adaptation is key to keeping an organization running, and for that reason, organic structuring is the most efficient form of structure theories. Through their ability to adapt and room for free thinking, organic structures surpass competing theories.

One field that organically structured organizations monopolize on is the ability of adaptation as a unit. Depending on the environmental shifts, an organization can change its structure and process of production to better suit the environment it finds itself placed in. Organic structures take the environment they are surrounded by and produce products best suited for that...
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