Organic Restaurant Business Plan

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  • Published : February 14, 2011
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Restaurant - Zaaika, organic food restaurant

Executive summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
2.0 Company Summary
3.0 Services
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
6.0 Management Summary
7.0 Financial Plan

Executive Summary
Zaaika is a new medium-sized restaurant located in a Mumbai Suburbs. Zaaika's emphasis will be on organic and Indian ethnic food. An emphasis on organic ingredients is based on Zaaika's dedication to sustainable development. Additionally, the restaurant employs its staff from the villages and trains them.

Zaaika offers a trendy, fun place to have great food in a social environment. The restaurant offers a large repertoire of ethnic ingredients and recipes from across the states. Ethnic recipes will be used to provide the customers with a diverse, unusual menu. The emphasis is on re-introducing the local healthy options to the city life. Being organic, is just another value addition to it. Customers

With the growth trend towards ‘specialty restaurant’ Zaaika believes that it has a strong market. Its main target audience will be rich hippies who naturally desire organic foods as well as ethnic cuisine, estimated to be at 10,00,000 in numbers. The second group that will be targeted is young nuclear families with double income, which are growing at an annual rate of 12% with 450,000 potential customers. The last group which is particularly interested in the menu's healthy offerings is dieting women which number 350,000.

Zaaika has assembled a strong management team. Ashfaque Shaikh will be the general manager and he will also be responsible for all of the finance and accounting functions. Rahil Shaikh will be responsible for Personnel, training and recruitment. Nadeem Akhtar will handle the Marketing. Lastly, Zaaika has chefs Annapoorna Devi and Durgaprasad Rao who will be responsible for the back-end production of the venture. Collectively they have over 37 years of experience.

The market and financial analyses indicate that with a start-up expenditure of INR 70,50,000, Zaaika can generate 1,75,00,000 in sales by year one, INR 2,50,00,000 in sales by the end of year two and produce net profits of 7.5% on sales by the end of year three. Profitability will be reached by year two.

1.1 Objectives
1. Sales of 1,75,00,000 the first year, more than half a million the second. 2. Personnel costs less than 1,50,00,000 the first year, less than 2,00,00,000 the second year.
3. Profitable in year two, better than 7.5% profits on sales by year three. 1.2 Mission
Zaaika is a trendy and healthy place to eat, combining an intriguing atmosphere with excellent, interesting food that is also very good for the people who eat there. A rewarding place for employees, which is reflected in their service delivery.

2.0 Company Summary
Zaaika is a single-unit, medium-sized restaurant. We focus on organic and creative food. The restaurant will be located in Mumbai. Most important to us is our financial success, but we believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality service and extremely clean, non-greasy food with interesting twists. 2.1 Company Ownership

The restaurant will start out as a simple sole proprietorship, owned by its founders. 2.2 Start-up Summary
The founders of the company are Ashfaque Shaikh, Rahil Shaikh and Nadeem Akhtar . Ashfaque focuses on the financial and operational issues and Rahil on the personnel issues and Nadeem on Marketing. We have found the location and secured the lease for 1,00,000 per month. We will be able to set up shop in time to begin turning back a profit by the end of month eleven and be profitable in the second year. The place is already equipped as a restaurant so we plan to come up with a total of 20,00,000 in capital, plus a 50,00,000 SBA- guaranteed loan, to start up the company....
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