Organic Farming: Challenges and Prospects

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  • Published : August 30, 2009
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“Organic Farmers as Entrepreneurs in Negros Occidental: Challenges and Prospects amidst the Financial Crisis” Statement of the Problem
General Objective:
This study aims to determine the challenges and prospects of organic farmer entrepreneurs in Negros occidental. Specific Objectives:
To get the demographic profile of selected entrepreneurs engaging in organic farming in Negros Occidental. To assess the capabilities organic farming entrepreneurs to continue in business despite the financial crisis. To identify the constraints that hinders the entrepreneurs to adopt organic farming. To find out the challenges faced and the courses of action taken in the midst of financial crisis. To develop and recommend strategies that will help entrepreneurs to sustain their productivity. “A Comparative Study on the Economic Sustainability of Conventional and Organic Farming in Negros Occidental” ABSTRACT

Negros Occidental has been trying to grow out its dependence on sugar industry to farming in order to build a healthy diversity economy which anchors on sustainable development and balance ecology. The most common farming practices are the use of conventional and organic system. Both systems have been beneficial to the Negrenses. The study aims to identify the differences of conventional and organic farming with regard to productivity, cost of capital, target market, environmental effects and dealing with the challenges during financial crisis. The researcher will use qualitative and quantitative research designs. The respondents will be chosen by using Non-Probability Purposive Sampling. Data collected from primary and secondary sources through self-administered questionnaires will be interpreted through illustrations, graphs, and tables.
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