Organic and Inorganic Food

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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The Differences Between Organic and Unorganic Food

As we know, food is the most important thing in our lives. We can not live without food, it sounds redundant but that is the reality. Imagine if we do not eat any food in a day, we will get very not powere because we do not get the strength that is contained in food. We realized this important thing and now we have found that there are two types of food, organic and unorganic food. Many people still missunderstanding about the definition of organic and unorganic food. They tend to think that organic food is the healthiest food and unorganic food is a bad food. Actually, organic food is made in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations. Unorganic or non-organic food is which was produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics (for non-medicinal purposes), synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). The use of the term is regulated by the NOP and only those products that meet the standards may use the term. Therefore all other products would be non-organic or unorganic. From the definition, we can see that organic and unorganic food are not the same. Organic food is healthier than unorganic food since it is pesticide-free, but it also has a worse appearance than organic food.

First, organic food is healthier than unorganic food. Organic food is grown without toxic in soil that enriched by natural mineral fertilizers only. The farmer relies on the ‘friendly’ insects that eat harmful insects. The farmer does not use pesticide or other harmful chemicals at all. The effect is the food does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The unorganic food, on the other hand, contain many dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The farmer use pesticide or other dangerous chemicals to make the food grow faster. The effects do not appear immediately, it appears when we eat too much...
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