Organ Transplantation in Japan and Uk

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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In many countries, organ trafficking is illegal, yet the incidence is on the increase. Examine the legal, ethical and sociological issues involved in procuring human organs for transplant operations, comparing two countries with very different approaches.

Organ transplantation is the most effective method to cure cardiac failure, uremia, and Diabetes mellitus type I in the modern world. However, even most developed countries do not have impeccable legal system and advanced technology to handle organ transplantation operations well. As a developed country, UK should have high organ donate rate, however, it has the lowest organ donate rate in the world, whereas Japan, which is also one of the most developed country in the world, has much higher organ donate rate than UK. Differences in organ transplantation systems from legal, ethical, sociological, and technological perspectives determine that Japan has superior organ transplantation system than UK.

Unlike UK, Japan has more supportive laws on relatives’ permission and donor card setting, which determines that Japan has better organ transplantation system. According to the amendment of Japanese organ transplantation laws, except people who show that they strongly refuse to donate their organ before they die, relatives could donate organs belong to people who do not show their obvious will to donate their organs or not. On the contrary, in UK, even though people are willing to donate their organ, if their parents still refuse to organ donation, the process of organ opt-out have to be stopped. On the other hand, the law regulates that in Japanese Medicare cards, which every Japanese has, should contain organ-donating information. When accidents happen, potential donors could easily show their will to donate their organ by filling the backside of their Medicare cards. This action hugely increased potential organ donor. In contrast, British have to get special organ donate card in hospitals, and...
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