Organ Transplant and Organ Donor Card

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Legal death Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain, but death and taxes.” But: Mr. Franklin, we do not believe what you say. We believe we are immortal. We are going to try anything to stop the process of ageing: broccoli, blueberries, dare I say… Botox? We are fooling ourselves. We cannot cheat death!

But what if you could make something good, out of your death? If you could change the lives of up to fifteen people?   How? By carrying one of these, an organ donor card. Donating organs is a chance to give the gift of life, and not just to one person. For example, last year alone 247 donors gave 799 Mexicans a new chance in life. Seven hundred and ninety-nine lives is an amazing figure, and I cannot possibly describe what an amazing gift those people and their families receive. However, we need to do better because we still have people dying on waiting lists. Let’s imagine you’re not a donor but you are actually one of the unfortunate people waiting for an organ. Imagine you are a father that was unable to walk his daughter to the park because he needed a heart transplant. Surely you would take an organ then? Well if you would take one, why wouldn’t you donate one, when you no longer need it? Most of the organs that are available come from deceased donors. If you really think about it, are you going to be using your organs in your grave when you die? The answer is (obviously) no, so why not help and save someone else by giving them something that you are no longer in need of? So many patients who are in need of a new organ just want a second chance at life, and it is so easy to help them. But. it still amazes me that, as of this November 26, 2012, there are 9,729 registered organ donors and, as of yesterday, 190,966 are waiting list candidates for organ transplants. Just fill out an organ donor card with your driver's license, you're agreeing to donate all or some of your organs if you die. Please help change these numbers by registering to become organ donors,...
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