Organ Sales

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Most people and including this writer, probably have never given a lot of thought about organ donation, aside from checking ‘yes’ box for DMV. A far amount of people believe that once a person is dead, that using what is left of the body so another can benefit from the donation or, perhaps, even save another human being’s life. However, what about selling a kidney not donating one? The essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” written by Joanna McKay, delves a lot deeper into the hot topic of human organ sales and the need to change the laws. She makes a compelling argument for the legality of organ sales as well as an ethical one.

In her essay, Joanna McKay gives many reasonable incentives to persuade the reader. She points out that thousands suffer from kidney disease that has no known cure leaving patients to suffer the only treatment; costly dialysis for years and years, in which they will have to endure, until a kidney transplant becomes available. Cadaverous kidney transplants are usually from the old and the sick and do not last nearly as long as a live kidney donation. Accidents are another major source for a live donation. Most countries have laws forbidding organ sales, which make the odds of getting a healthy, living kidney, are slim. However, the wealthy can afford the black market costs involved. The poor, who are in dire circumstances themselves, are more than willing to sell one of their kidneys to pay bills, food etc. with the $1,000 or so the receive. Legalizing the sale would compensate the seller more adequately and ensuring both parties our in safe and sterile environment in which they both come out of the operation alive and healthy. The seller, who is usually very poor, might find a way out of their destitute situation if compensated appropriately. It can be a win-win for everyone. Nevertheless, The Catholic Church have stated that the selling of organs goes against the teachings of God, despite The Church’s stance on advocating and...
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