Organ Donation

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Organ donation
Organ donation is the removal of the tissues of the human body from a person who has recently died, or from a living donor, for the purpose of transplanting. Organs and tissues are removed in a surgical procedure. People of all ages may be organ and tissue donors. At the time of death the organ, tissue, or eye recovery agency will make a determination, based on the person's medical and social history, of which organs/tissues are suitable for transplantation. Organ donation typically takes place after brain death, the irreversible loss of all brain functions, including the brain stem. Tissue donation can take place after brain death or cardiac death (the irreversible loss of cardiovascular function). The laws of different countries allow potential donors to permit or refuse donation, or give this choice to relatives. The popularity of donations varies substantially among countries.

Main point
Advantages of the organ donation towards needed patients(recipients); a.Advantages & Disadvantages About Organ Donation
b.By Lynda Belcher, eHow Contributor
c.updated: February 20, 2010
f.Kidneys are among the most common organs donated.
g.Organ donation is the process by which the organs of another individual, sometimes deceased and sometimes living, are transplanted into the body of another. The purpose is generally due to the failing organ of the transplant recipient, resulting from a disease or health condition. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this process. However, organ donation is a personal decision, and determining whether or not you want to donate your organs requires in-depth knowledge about the process. h.Advantage: The Ability To Save a Life

i.This is perhaps the most common reason that people donate an organ. Saving the life of another person is the most selfless act a human can commit, and organ donation makes that possible for many people on a daily basis. This is particularly true of living donors,...
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