Organ Donation

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Bioethics Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The text "I'm donating my kidney to a stranger" is about a Scottish woman named Paula MacKinnon who wants to donate her kidney to a stranger. It all began when her mother needed a kidney transplant, and Paula decided to put herself forward as a potential donor, but their blood groups were not compatible, but that didn't stop Paula, in fact she decided to give donate her kidney anyway, to someone who might need it. Paula is meet with skepticism from her parents and her friends, but Paula doesn't see it as a big deal, instead she wants to do it, because as she says "It's completely simple. It's just something that I can do to help somebody else." This form of organ donation is called altruistic donation, and it was introduced by The Human Tissue Act in September 2006. 2.

In Denis Campbell's article "We must change the organ donation system" he focuses on the need for an update of the organ donation system in Britain. Denis Campbell think that UK should have the system "presumed consent" In article 2 "The ethics of organ donation by living donors" Robert D. Truog writes about the ethical issues that comes with organ donations, and he mentions three categories; Directed donation to a family member or a friend, nondirected donation in which the donor gives an organ to a general pool to be transplanted into a person at the top of the waiting list, and at last directed donation to a stranger, where a donor choose to give a "specific stranger" a donation. There are a lot of different ethical issues when it comes to organ donation, Robert D. Truog writes about some of these ethical concerns, for example there can be a certain pressure on a person to donate, if one of their loved ones is in need of an organ donation, then that person may donate of out guilt, and not of own free will. Robert also highlights the importance of evaluating the donors to make sure that they are mentally and emotionally stable, because organ donation is a very important decision. In...
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