Organ Donation

Topics: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Organ Pages: 9 (2225 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Research Title:

The implications of Organ Donation in Jamaica

Problem Statement:

The increase in organ donation results in it being sold as a means of gaining income for many persons in the Jamaican society. It results in the body being viewed as a utilitarian object rather than a metamorphic entity that people can call their own. The ways involved in obtaining organs for usage by medical researchers are inhumane with limited emphasis being placed on the effects the process have on members of the society.

Purpose of Study:

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the social, economic and ethical issues associated with organ donation and to outline the different methods that could be implemented to regulate the extraction of organs from humans.

Research Questions:

What are the main economic, social and ethical implications of organ donation in the Jamaican society?

Subsidiary Questions

What are the different ways in which one may try to obtain organs for sale or scientific studies?

What impact does the harvesting of organs have on economical developments in different countries?

What are the implications of the uses of organs in the future of health care in Jamaica?


Organs donation accounts for:

1. An increase in the black market

2. exploitation of the human body and

3. leads to the misconception that once a donor gives an organ, the recipient of the organ will survive.


The results obtained from the study will help to enhance information that will educate the public, future researchers and medical professionals about the ways to reduce the economic, social and ethical impacts of organ donation.

Literature Review

Organ donation is important in improving the quality and the quantity of life of individuals in need of organs in the society. However, the need for increase in organ donation is often affected by ethical, economic and social impacts associated with both the recipients and the donors of the organs. It is with this that an in-depth research was conducted to find out the ways involved in obtaining kidneys for medical usage and the effects the process may have on individuals within the society. Findings showed that once a more structured system is implemented to regulate organ donation, there will be an increase in the number of organs donated and a reduction in the impacts stated above.

What is organ donation and what are the different ways in which one may try to obtain organs for sale or scientific studies?

Wilkinson (2011) states that organ donation is the removal of tissues and organs with consent from owners or decision makers, such as family members, for the main purpose of transplanting them into other persons. She suggests the many routes in which persons may obtain organ from donors. These include buying it on the black market as it is the cheapest and easier route to go or it may be stolen from the body of deceased persons which poses the risk of exploitation leading to the development of ethical issues. She alludes to the point that the word “donation” suggests a willing gesture or that permission must be given to facilitate the process of acquiring the organ being transplanted. This is further supported by the fact that humans, before they die, may sign an agreement to have their body donated to medicine and therefore is subjected to organ extraction or even medical researching. Similarly to the views of Wilkinson, Andrews and Nelkins (2001) believes that it is morally incorrect for the body to be exploited by medical professionals and wealthy business men. They support the argument that before medical professionals can begin extracting organs for donation, they should first receive consent from patients and family members of the patients. This is however contradicted by Barnett and Kaserman (2006) who are of the opinion that once the...
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