Organ Donating... Good or Bad?

Topics: Organ donation, Organ transplant, Donation Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Organ Donation

What is going to happen to your body when you die? Will you be buried, cremated, or will you use it for the benefit of others? Organ donations can save lives and be used for research. Organ donation is not solely restricted to people who have passed. Donating is also possible when you are alive. Every American needs to become an organ donor because millions of lives could be saved. Saving lives after death is one of the major motivating factors for organ donations. One organ can save up to eight lives (“Organ Donation Facts”). There are over 114,000 people waiting for organ transplants (“Organ Donation Facts”). There was a case of a woman’s husband dying from a car crash and he donated his organs. A few months after his death she got letters in the mail that his organs saved the lives of five people, one of which was a single mother of two small children. On average, eighteen people die a day from being on the waiting list for organ transplants (“Organ Donations”). Every ten minutes someone is added to the waiting list (“The Need Is Real”). These tragic facts are just some of the reasons why people need to become organ donors. It is also possible to donate certain organs while still being alive. While this is more difficult, there is an excellent success rate for the surgeries (CNN Health). Most of these situations involve donating to a family member, saving the life of someone cared for by the donator. Also, by donating to a family member it makes you closer to that person. After you donate you will be contacted by the person that got your donated organ, in case you want to talk to them ( Living Donors Online). In 2010 more than eighteen thousand kidneys were donated by live donors ("Save A Life"). If a person needs a new kidney they are on dialysis, but if you would donate a kidney to them it would double there life span ("Benefits Of Living Donation"). Donating an organ while being alive is an incredibly...
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