Orgainzational Behaviour in Hong Kong

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Employment Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: February 28, 2013
In Hong Kong, which is a hectic city, people are stressed in every moment. One of the reasons causing stressful is that they are concern on their work performance whether it is good enough. In the hope of finding the reason why they work so hard to get a good performance, I did the questionnaire for the employee, who is work in the McDonalds, is a service customer ambassador (C.S.A). In the questionnaire, I want to know how the CSA feels about her work and does she have any motivation that pushes her work harder in McDonalds. With a view to have the better understanding of the thought of the employee, the questionnaires are focus on the three theories: Job Characteristics Model, The Expectancy and Theory Reinforcement Theory.

Job Characteristics Model
Being a bridge between McDonalds and the customers, the CSA, who called Hayley, has to perform well in every single moment. “I do have lots of pressure in everyday as I have to face different kinds of customers who may be is a barbarian. However, I love this job. ”Hayley said. Using The Job Characteristics Model, according to Hackman and Oldham (1976), workers must perceive their work as meaningful, associate a sense of responsibility with the job and have some knowledge of the results of their efforts so as to be motivated.( Riggio, 2008, P.196)

The reason why she loves this job is the high autonomy is found in her job. Giving her a power to decide how to schedule and what should be planned, such as the birthday party to a birthday boy or girl. That makes her increase the level of responsibility associated with jobs as she needs to be an in-charge on everything. “Every time I saw the little boy or girl smile on their face, I am appreciated that I am able to put smile on someone’s face.” She said.

Holding a birthday party to the little boy or girl could increase the sense of accomplishment since the result of the birthday party is reached Hayley’s aim – give happiness to the others. Owing to...
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