Orgainzational Behavior

Topics: Management, Motivation, Douglas McGregor Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Running Header: MY X AND Y TWO WAY STREET 1

My X and Y Two Way Street

MGT 302 Organizational Behavior and Teamwork

Bernard L. Aguon

Trident University International



After reading through the various articles and learning about the different companies and their styles of behavioral management in the work force, I will now attempt to explain my experiences at work and how Douglas McGregor’s theory X and Y relate to my everyday operations. The several theories used in chapter 5 of Organizational Behavior (2010) will be the background of my explanation. A good understanding of these behavior theories has allowed me to take a better look at my personal actions and how I could improve on my management skills with others as well.


After tabulating my two scores from McGregor’s Theory X and Y, I wasn’t too surprised to see the results of the management / situation and the personal preference score. The scores revealed that my perception of work is somewhat accurate to what I thought it was. These surveys allowed me to see that management in my work place is a true two way street. I have even learned through reading several chapters of Organizational Behavior, Buaer and Erdogan (2010), that various theories are applicable to my workplace and that McGregor’s Theory X and Y are seasonal in my organization. My management / situation score totaled 48, which tells me that my employer leans towards a generally Y approach of management. This score concerns me a little though as it is very close to being in the generally X category also. You see as a Warrant Officer in the US...
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