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  • Published: December 1, 2011
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|Question 4 | |A common refrain among executives is “People are our most important asset.” Relate this statement to any two of the four perspectives of organizational effectiveness | |presented ion this chapter. Does this statement apply better to some perspectives than to others? Why or why not? | |Click For Answer |

|Answer 4 | |This is an open discussion question because the statement can relate to all four perspectives of organizational effectiveness. | | Open systems probably the least focus on employees of the four perspectives. People represent the internal subsystems of organizations, so are vital in that respect.| |Some employees are also “boundary spanners” in that they link the organization to the external environment. | | Organizational learning these perspective views employees as reasonably important because they hold a large portion of intellectual capital (human capital and | |possibly some forms of relationship capital). People bring knowledge into the organization and are largely responsible for sharing that knowledge. Knowledge use is | |also ultimately a human endeavor. | | High performance work practices arguably the perspective that views people (employees) as the most critical resource. HPWPs...
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