Oreo Advertisement: Analysis

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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DatLawrence Le
English 1102

Oreo Advertisement

This Oreo advertisement depicts an infant being breastfed by his mother while holding an Oreo in his hand. On the surface, this advertisement is a clever way for Oreo to market that they are milk’s favorite cookie. This picture captures the natural act of a mother breastfeeding her child with a humorous twist. This advertisement was created by Cheil Worldwide, a South Korean marketing company in 2012. Sadly, this advertisement was never officially released due to the ongoing controversy of public breastfeeding. Even though most people would think this advertisement is funny and harmless, there are some that would find this picture offensive. Although breastfeeding is a natural process, most people would protest that it should be done in a private setting and away from public places. This Oreo advertisement challenges the social norm of breastfeeding conservatively by publically advertising it for anyone to see.

Women in today’s culture are much more assertive than in recent decades. In the past, women were much more self-conscious in the way they carried themselves. Women were more conservative in the way they dressed and acted in public. They would wear clothing that was not revealing and would usually not voice their opinions out loud. Before, only the voices and opinions of men were heard. Over time, women have fought for the equal rights and opportunities as men. The women of today are much more powerful than they were before. They have since moved on from the days of “Gibson Girls” and “Flapper Girls” (McMichael). Women are no longer afraid of breaking social norms and being judged by society because eventually society will learn to accept them. This Oreo advertisement helps make public breastfeeding a social norm by trying to make us feel more comfortable by publically displaying this photograph. It has become more common for women to publically breastfeed. Most women do not stay in...
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