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In order to study efficiently, you need to have a place that is always, and only, used for studying. Ideally, this should be your own desk in your own private room, perhaps your bedroom at home. If you share a room with someone else, for example in a college, you will have to try even harder than usual not to be distracted. Your desk should be neat and cleared of anything that distracts your attention, such as photographs, personal letters, magazines, a radio, CD/DVD| player or playstation. All the materials that you need for study should be within easy reach: textbooks, a note-book, dictionary, a slide-rule, pens and paper. On the left of your desk (or on the right if you are left-handed) should be a good lamp that lights your work without shadows. Because your desk is your private place of study, it should not be used for any other purpose. Even for reading the daily newspaper or a long-awaited letter from home, go elsewhere. When you come to your desk, it should suggest nothing but academic work. Unfortunately, your place of study, at home or in a college room, may sometimes be noisy. Also, there is the occasional need to be hospitable to friends who visit. Many students, therefore, prefer to study in the library. This, too, has its disturbances and distractions but they are far fewer than if you tried studying in other public places like the cafeteria. The important thing is to try and find a nice quiet, well-lit spot away from the majority of library users.

A special place studying all the time.

A clean and empty desk have to be provided without any distractions.
The light should be suitable with no shadows.

The members of this group are
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