Orem's Model Used in Mental Health

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Dear Mrs. Yoakum,
I strongly agree that cell phones should be allowed on school grounds. I have two reasons to support my opinion. First having cell phones can be a helpful learning tool to teachers. Max Gold supported my opinion. He stated “By using texting as a positive tool instead of a means of distraction educators can now have student’s text in the answers that the students have questions on. Also Greenberg High School stated “The Students who have a smart phone can use various applications that are designed to assist in learning and designed just for students. Many of these smart phones have programs that are similar to what is found in a laptop or desktop computer. Being able to quickly look up facts on the internet is possible on many phones. If a student needs assistance with class work and does not have access to a computer, a smart phone can be used in a snap. Also most private schools allow cell phones. In private schools the prevailing view is that cell phones are here to stay. They are an essential line of communication between frantically busy parents and their children. As a result, most private schools allow cell phones on their premises with the understanding that phones must be turned off during class and only used under certain conditions and in specified places. Most schools have very specific guidelines written into their handbooks and acceptable use policy manuals. All students agree to abide by those rules both while on the school premises and also while under the school's jurisdiction when off campus. second opinion is parents can keep in contact with their children. Maya Cohen supported this reason by stating that “Cell phones create a convenience that was previously unavailable. With cell phones, you...
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