Oregon Trail - Women

Topics: First Transcontinental Railroad, Oregon Trail, Columbia River Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Roles of Women on the Oregon Trail

Part I: What I know
Women didn’t have it very easy on the Oregon Trial. They had many chores/jobs they had to get done. And those jobs were no walk in the park. They were hard, laborious, and dirty jobs. They were also often “handed” these jobs. Women were often taken granted for. In the men’s minds, they were trivial, but that was far from true. If women hadn’t gone on the Oregon Trail, it probably wouldn’t have gotten that far. Women and girls play a big rule in Women and girls had to adjust to very rough conditions.

Part II: What I want to know

I would like to know why were women treated lesser than men? How did women adjust so quickly and “silently”. I want to find out if women ever were thanked for the things that they did on the Oregon Trail. Furthermore, I would also like to know why women were given the jobs they got. In addition to that, I would like to find out how much time for women to learn how to do their jobs. And lastly, I want to know why women let themselves “suffer silently”.

Part III: The Search

Women had many jobs, that weren’t very easy. They had to cook, long hours hunched over the fire, often times making something for their family to eat out of nothing. Their long dresses could catch fire and hurt them. Now, that would be bad considering they had to walk about 15 miles the next day.

The next job was that they had to clean. The trails were dirt, so could you imagine how much dust would collect in the wagon after a day’s walking? A whole bunch and the women had to clean (or dust) all of that dust.

Women also had to do the laundry, which was a problem. It was a problem because most of the time there were no streams or rivers; and another thing that women had to do was unpack and repack all the things on the wagon so they could cross rivers and such.

And on top of all that, Women weren’t allowed to complain, despite the hard circumstances that they were put under. But the Oregon...
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