Ordinary People Drama

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Emily Bednar
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Ordinary People: Drama

A suburban Chicago couple and their son are torn by another son’s death. This film won Oscars for Best Picture, and Paramount Home Video aired this movie on September, 19, 1980. It starred Donald Sutherland as Calvin, and Mary Tyler Moore as the Beth, and Timothy Hutton as Conrad, Judd Hirsch as Dr.Berger. This film was directed by Robert Redford, who made this highly acclaimed observant drama; also this movie was based on a novel by Judith Guest. (4)

While observing this movie Ordinary People there is a major element containing communication issues. Their was especially with Beth and Conrad. Beth had issues dealing with the death of her oldest son. Conrad also had issues dealing with the fact his only brother had died in a boating accident and he thought it was his fault. Beth and her son Conrad did not talk about their feeling with each other. Beth could never forgive her son Conrad, but he wanted his mother to forgive, to realize that it was not his fault. Beth is not aware of Conrad’s feeling, she also does not recognized hers either. They go along thinking everything is fine and dandy, which tears their relationship apart. (7)

A major strength in this film was that Conrad and his father Calvin were able to work out their communication skills. Calvin was more concern with Conrad then his mother. Calvin was always there to help Conrad with his issues of facing the death of his brother. After the fact that Conrad got help with his depression and concerns of thinking he killed his brother with the help of a psychiatrist Dr.Berger. Conrad was to fine out that his father was always there to listen and be there whenever he need Calvin. Dr.Berger helps Conrad to talk with his father about his brother death and to help Conrad say what is on his mine which bring Conrad and father closer together. (6)

In Ordinary People, there is a major...
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