Order Processing System Specifications

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Order Processing System Specifications

Telephone Order Entry | |Telephone Order Entry is designed so that the Order taker can enter an Order while talking to the Customer on the phone. This | |allows the Order taker to give price and availability information directly to the Customer and to insure that the correct Item is| |Ordered. | | | |The Order taker can display Customers and Items by description and user entered synonyms. Customer and Item numbers can be used, | |but are not necessary. Other ways to display Items include UPC/NDC No. for different units of measure, other wholesaler's Item | |numbers, vendor stock no., and Customer's Item nos. | | | |The system is designed to display 1 to 8 Customers or Items very quickly. Also, the total time for Ordering an Item is very fast | |since the Order Entry sequence was designed around the Order Entry dialog between a Customer and an Order taker. | | | |Sales History stores the detail for all Customer's Invoices for up to 30 months on line. Invoices can be displayed, and selecting| |one shows all Items on that Invoice. For a selected Item, the date, quantity, Invoice No., and price can be displayed from all | |Invoices for this Customer....

|Telephone Order Entry...
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