Order of Operations

Topics: Multiplication, Elementary arithmetic, Integer Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Order of operations is a rule to clarify confusion that may occur in an equation that has multiple different operations. This rule of Order of Operations states we must solve a complex equation by complete the operations in this order: Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. We can remember this by this mnemonic: Pink, Eyes, May, Doubt, Anyone’s, Style.

*** This will happen if we take this equation and NOT follow the Order of Operation*** 4+ 2 x 3 =
If I did not know the “rule” I would assume that I’d complete the problem this way 4 + 2= 6 x3 = 18 “oops I forgot my PEMDAS rule”

Let’s try this again:
4+ 2 x 3= okay I need to multiply first so I’ll fix this so I know what needs to be done first 4+ (2 x 3) = Ah ha! I get it now!
4+ (2x3) = 4+6 =

Okay now….Lets make this harder!
42x 10+6-9=_____
I remember the rules by using PEMDAS which means I need to start with the ( ) first 42=2 x 10+6-9=____
Next I use the multiplication
Now since addition and subtraction are interchangeable, I can do either one. I’ll keep it simple: 26-9=17
Put it all together and you will have
(42)x 10+6-9=17

Well that’s great…but what if I don’t wanna use that rule? Lets find out! 42x 10+6-9=_____
Lets add the 10 and the 6 first…….which gives me
42x 16-9=____
Now let’s subtract 16-9
42x 7=____
Time for 4 divided by 2
Not the correct answer!!!! Booooo!
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