Order and Disorder in Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies
How does Golding develop ideas about order and disorder in the first 6 chapters of the novel? The main theme and concern in the novel Lord of the Flies is the conflict between civilisation and savagery. Golding develops this idea about order and disorder by using the two main characters Ralph and Jack, symbolism of the conch shell and foreshadowing to portray the instinct to live by the rules employed by the boys on the island, and value the group against their own desires, to rule over the others and act violently. Golding’s portrayals of the main characters in the novel contribute to the main theme of order and disorder. Ralph is used to represent democracy on the island, civilisation, morality and leadership. Jack stands for desire, power, selfishness and amorality while Piggy represents the intellectual aspects of civilisation, which in turn leads him to be the outsider of the group. In the first few chapters of the novel we see how the boys try and bring their own societies morals and rules into their civilisation but already the boy’s savage instincts of desire, power and violence has diminished them. The first sign of democracy on the island is the voting of Ralph into power over the island, he elects Jack and his choir boys to be hunters. Piggy the outsider is already finding it hard on the island, he is teased by Jack and his followers because of his body shape. These are the first signs of the boy’s instincts which pose to destroy the society they have made. Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell and decide it will be used to gather every one on the island and who ever is holding it shall be able to talk. Everyone agrees on this and this is the first rule on the island. Throughout the first 3 chapters the boys on the island are still relating to civilisation, they have implemented rules and started up a fire that will signal passing ships. In these chapters the society the boys have created resembles a political society, with the...
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