Ordeal by Cheque

The Price of Money
The last time he saw his son was when Laurence Exeter Sr. went to the hospital. Laurence Exeter Jr. was lying on his hospital bed, hardly even moved an inch to look at his dad. A few days later, the son unconsciously passed away.               “Rest in peace my son,” cried his mother, Marie Wharton Exeter.             It was the year of 1903 in Los Angeles, California. The rich business family Exeters prayed for a baby and their hope came true.               “Look at that! The baby clothes are just so adorable. They are the exact blue color – my favorite,” Marie raised her innocent voice to her husband, demanding that he had to buy what she looked for.             “But honey, we have spent too much money on the baby stuff. Do you know how much we have at home?” complained again Laurence Exeter.             “Don’t you love your baby? He’s the most precious thing in the world. Even though he isn’t born yet, I can feel the love of a mother for him.” cried Marie.             That was the only thing she was good at – pretending.             Marie was in labor days later in Hollywood Hospital. It was a hard job of a first time mother.             “What should we name him honey? I have written the entire list of names to choose from. I will read them for you.”            “Just call him Laurence Exeter Jr.”             The baby was named after his father after so many decisions of thinking about a name that would fit him. Laurence Exeter Jr. was the prettiest baby boy they ever seen, especially his eyes. His eyes were as shiny as the stars above and sparkled like diamonds. There was intelligence in them. The Exeters hoped that one day, he would become someone famous. Exeter Jr. was born with nothing to worry about- a rich family, loving parents, and a life that most of the children had barely even dreamt of. Exeter Sr. hired the best doctor of California, Dr. David M. McCoy and Miss Daisy Windsor, a nurse to take care of his wife and his son....
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