Orchids in Assam

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The state of Assam is the land of blue hills and mighty river Brahmaputra. She is endowed with very rich flora and fauna stock. Out of 3790 sq.kms of Tinsukia district proximately 854 sq.kms is covered by forests. Tropical wet evergreen forests ethnic groups loving in and around the forest uses the forest resources like timer, herbs shrubs climbers grasses etc in every walks of their life. The increasing demand for forest wealth love threaded the diversity forest resources and thus there is need for conservation of the different plant species in their natural habitual. Tinsukia district is very rich for its rich biodiversity. And on such important species is the Orchids. Orchids belong to the most diverse family of plants known to man. There are over 880 genera, 28,000 species and well over 300,000 registered cultivars currently documented. These numbers only begin to tell the true story behind the evolutionary success of modern day orchids. Orchids are the most rapidly (genetically) changing group of plants on earth and more new species have been discovered over the last few thousand years than any other plant group known. We also have a Arboretum in Bogapani which is situated in Tinsukia, which has a wide collection of floral diversity. It is funded by the world bank for awareness, conservation, and producing a germ bank.

We also has a wonderful nursery at Nazirating which is a nice place to study and understand floral diversity at its budding stages. Thus we can say that this project is tailored to gather information, understand nature and to create awareness towards conservation and propagation of the threatened/endangered floral and faunal species of the region.

Site Selection
For our study on the project we selected the following sites so that we get an allround impression of the subject of our study ie. Butterflies. 1.Lakhipathar Reserve Forest Ranger Digboi forest Division. 2.Bogapani Arboretum Digboi.

3.Nazirating Nursery plant for the study of field work of environmental project. We have selected these areas keeping in mind the availability of scope for the study on the topic entitled for us by the department of our college Digboi College, Digboi. So, as for our selection of site is concerned it has been suitable for our project work.  

Aim of the Study
This study has been conducted keep in mind same species objectives. They are being pointed below:- 1.To study and understand the Orchids found in the selected sites of study, their habits, and factors contributing to their decrease. 2.To bring consciousness and awareness among the local people for protection and conservation of indigenous species. 3.To encourage and impart training to local people by organizing awareness and motivated programs workshops etc. 4.To facilitate raising plantation of indigenous species and also multiplication of threatened or endangered species. 5.To bring awareness among the students Colleges, University, NGO and Public bodies for the protection of tree and forests. 6.To Identity, Conserve, Propagate rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.  

In The Survey conducted for the completion of this project some special methods and material have been used. They are being discussed in following heads:- A)MATERIALS:-
3.Notebook to note down main points
4.Data Sheet containing
a.Common Name.
d.Total no
5.2 numbers pen
6.Water bottle
7.Digital camera
b.Vomiting Controlling tablets.

The following methods were adopted during the study for collecting data, so that more information can be collected. 1.Firstly we selected a site for our study consulting our EVS teacher.

2.We planed our trip to the selected sites.
3.We divided ourselves into groups for a extensive data collection. 4.We then visited the selected site and carried out our survey for about over...
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