Oratory and Stormy Disorderly Hindrance

Topics: Oratory, Public speaking, Figure of speech Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Denote (v) to be a sign of to indicate
Reconcile (v) to bring together to make friends again
Necessitate (v) to cause to force to compel
Passive (adj) acted upon rather than acting
Somber (adj) gloomy sad serious
Abrasive (n) substance used for grinding (adj) causing irritation Ultimate (adj) last final basic maximum (n) the final point or the maximum level Turbulent (adj) stormy disorderly
Hindrance (n) an action person or thing that hiders
Irreducible (adj) not capable of being smaller
The passive man had a somber hindrance not to travel in the turbulent storm that showed an irreducible wind and had a little denote of ending and he went to go reconcile because there was going to be an ultimate abrasive and passive end

Metaphor (n) a figure of speech that contains and implied comparison Intensive (adj) marked by special effort
Fallacy (n) a misleading or false idea
Figurative (adj) not literally true
Adage (n) an old saying or a proverb
Cadence (n) a rhythmic flow or pattern
Simile (n) a figure of speech comparing two things using like or as Allusion (n) an indirect reference or a passing mention
Authenticity (n) true to its type
Potency (n) power strength or force
The authenticity of the cadence had an intensive metaphor.
There was a potency in the allusion.
The fallacy was compared to a adage with a simile
Oratory (n) skillful public speaking
Ovation (n) an enthusiastic and prolonged clause
Tripod (n) a three legged stand for a camera anything that stands on three legs Encore (n) a further performance given on demand
Replica (n) a copy a reproduction a
Rostrum (n) a raised platform for public speaking
Intonation (n) the rising and falling of the pitch voice
Inventory (n) the stalk of goods (v) to list merchandise or goods Soliloquy (n) a speech a character makes to himself on stage that reveals his thoughts to the audience Ingenuous (adj) frank straight forward

The man had to take the inventory of the store
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