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  • Published : December 6, 2013
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 “Enhancing Language Proficiency while nurturing the Environment”

            Beneath the man entirely great, the word is mightier than the sword.

            Highly esteemed members of the board of judges, fellow orators, organizers of this contest of eloquence, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a wonderful day to us all!

            Do you realize how important language is?

            Language is a wonderful gift and the most powerful tool we have for reaching out for others. By means of language we can tell one another what we feel and what we think. We can use it to express our feelings, to spread our ideas, to share our experiences, to establish peace, to voice our thoughts in our fundamental roles concerning the nurturance of our environment. By means of words we see the brightness of the sky and feel the mildness of the wind; we look afar and see the greenish forest; and we thrill to the burning colors of the rainbow.

            Through language, we can contribute much to building understanding and to finding solutions for global community problems.

            Our senses have brought us to global climate change that emerged as the greatest threat facing humankind today.  Climate change affects almost all ecosystems, society and economy.. We are now facing its serious impacts such as extreme weather events, floods, erratic rainfall and sea-level rise, which leads to food shortages, infrastructure damage and the degradation of natural resources. Hence, development gains achieved globally are under threat.

            The issue on climate change is now widely recognized as one of the major challenges for mankind in the 21st century, not only because it may ultimately affect many areas of our environment, nature and human activity, but its mitigation may have far reaching consequences to almost all sectors of the economy.

            Scientific advised has in the past years changed our perception of what is possible with the ambitious...
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