Orange Peels

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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The orange is one of the world’s oldest fruits. The orange has been grown for more than 4,000 years. Oranges are well known for their juice, folic acid, vitamin c and it is also a good source of potassium. Orange juice can also be used in many different ways like half sugar type for people who want to losses their weight. However, many people think orange peels are nothing then trash, but actually they are very useful. Like use the orange peels to makes cosmetics, turn out many things from it and it have many environmental uses.

Orange peels have such amazing and unbelievable properties. For example, if you are party person and the next day you want to put yourself together orange peels can cures hangover. Moreover, Chewing small pieces of orange peel can help in eliminating bad breath smell. Another example, my grandmother always says to me when I have cough, chew orange peel with honey and it works.

Today, orange peels are being used to make things. Scientists figured out how to recycle orange peels to plastic. Scientists say, in the near future they will be able to make plastic from the orange peels. Not only we can make plastic from peels but also

Farmers used Orange peels in compost. They makes great composting material. They are rich in nitrogen and adding them to compost pile can help create a balanced the soil. In addition dried orange peels have long been used as an ingredient in potpourri mixes. Boiling some potpourri in water on the stove can really lighten the air.

We have to admit that orange is amazing fruit. Beside that we eat orange and make juice from it, we use orange peels is likely to be turned to more products.
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