Orange Lust: The 1970 Pontiac G. T. O. Judge

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  • Published : April 2, 2011
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Orange Lust
The 1970 Pontiac G.T.O Judge

Figure 1. The 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge in Orbit Orange paint with wild decals. Introduction to the 1970 GTO Judge
An orange streak blazing down the highway at unbelievable speeds with the friendly law enforcement officers bringing up the rear paints the perfect picture for the 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge. This is exactly what happened in muscle car cult film Two lane Black Top in which Warren Oates raced the Orbit Orange (see figure1.)1970 GTO Judge across country, up against a 1955 Chevrolet Bel aire. An infamous statement from Warren Oates in the movie was “color me gone” as he referred to his 1970 GTO Judge. In fact this car is considered by gear heads to be the ultimate muscle car for many reasons. From its sleek body style and large engines to the four speed transmission and sporty interior, the 1970 GTO Judge demands to be recognized. In fact, if you are a shy person, this car is not for you. You are going to get some looks and definitely turn some heads. (Pete Dunton 2008)

Adoration of the GTO Judge
I chose this vehicle because I have a love affair with it. Having previously owned and adored a 1970 Pontiac Lemans with GTO options and a 1972 GTO, I think you could understand why. I could kick myself every day for selling those cars. They would be almost 40 years old and worth a lot of money. My favorite feature of my 1972 GTO was the Orbit Orange paint color. (See figure 1.) Exclusive Features and Changes to the GTO Judge

So what is Orange lust? Actually, Orbit Orange was an exclusive paint color given to the 1970 GTO. This was the first time Pontiac gave a car an exclusive paint color. Although other standard colors were available for the 1970 GTO, Orbit Orange was the designated color. (See figure 1.) Adding to this feature were some pretty wild decals and the Judge logo on the trunk lid.

Figure 2. The newly designed front end of the 1970 GTO Judge.

Unlike the GTO predecessors in 1968 and 1969, the 1970 GTO was given a bit of a makeover, with added creases above the wheel wells creating smooth body lines. The front end, which had a new extended endura bumper, was adorned by four chrome incased exposed headlights, unlike the 1968 and 1969 GTO which had hideaway headlights. This was a new and beautifully sculpted alteration. (See figure 2.) The car was also given a convertible roof option, which was extremely rare, especially if it was ordered with the late coming 455 cid motor. Only 17 of these came off the assembly line. The hood sported an exterior tachometer, another exclusive for this vehicle, and two fully functional hood scoops that were opened by the dealer when the Ram Air systems were installed.

Figure 3. The newly designed tail end of the 1970 GTO Judge. A nice addition to the bumper, the tail lights, and the split exhaust tips. The spoiler is just awesome!

The rear of the GTO was also given an upgrade. The rear bumper now wrapped the corners of the quarter panels. The tail lights were recessed into the cut outs of the bumper creating an aesthetic effect.

A wider, wilder spoiler was added to the trunk lid making the GTO even fiercer. Although we will talk about the exhaust later in the article, a special feature that sticks out on the rear of the car is the chrome dual exhaust tips. Very exciting! (See figure 3.) A Look at the Interior

Looking from the outside of the car into the interior, you will notice some other features were added as well. Overall, you will see a very new sporty look. Pontiac listed the bench front seat as standard for the car; however there were not any GTO Judges that came out of production with a bench seat. Every GTO Judge made had bucket seats with high adjustable head rests and a center console between them which changed depending on the chosen transmission options. The steering wheel was also standard, but a formula racing wheel standard used only on the Pontiac muscle cars, a very nice addition. To top it...
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