Orange Crate Lable

Topics: Orange, California, Citrus, Orange Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Luke Taylor
Professor Sprowl
English 110A Section #11
24 September 2012
Orange Crate Label
Along with starting his own orange company, David Hewes helped build the first North American transcontinental railroad in 1869. Hewes began planting his orange grove business in 1892 int El Modena, Orange County, California as well as in Tustin, California. One each of his groves and packing houses he would grow and distribute oranges and lemons. On his other grove in Tustin, he built Hewes Park that was designed by Robert G. Fraser, the designer of Busch Gardens. Hewes Park became very popular, including tree and flower gardens, barbecues, mini golf courses, a Japanese tea garden, and much more. David Hewes had the fruits that came out of his grove carry the label, “D. Hewes, El Modena Highlands.” However, after his death in 1920 the company would carry the name of “David Hewes Realty Corporation.” When the groves where subdivided in 1923 the name was changed once again with the title, “David Hewes Orange & Lemon Association.” The company carried this name until it ended in 1947 when both Tustin and El Modena packing houses burnt down. This Hewes’ Transcontinental Brand label uses both natural and industrial aspects to display it work to their customers. First they show, with the nature, how their products are fresh by using sing bright greens, yellows, and blues. Next they use the train to show the service to their customers. At the time trains where the fastest and most efficient way of transportation. They show their buyers that they are delivering their products to them in the fastest way they can. The direction of the train is significant as well because it is coming, from the viewers perspective, out to you. It shows that it is coming to you and they are delivering it to you. They do not transport their oranges and lemons by train but by boat as well. They also use a red boarder to catch the eye of anyone who looks at it. Also the word Transcontinental is the...
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