Oral History Paper

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Virginia is an eighty-five-year women whom I met while doing my internship with the Alzheimer's association this summer. We both share the same ambition about getting the word out about Alzheimer's. She has been a volunteer with the association since 2003. Virginia takes life day by day and believes that in order to age successfully you need to stay active in the things you love and to also learn new things.

Virginia was born and raised in downtown Chicago, a few blocks from Wrigley Field. She and her family would try to go too at least one game a year. She is one of three children, being the middle child. She has a younger sister and an older sister which she is very close to both of them. Both of her parents have passed away leaving her and her siblings the only ones left. She isn’t one much on saving for the future, she believes that you have only one life and you should do whatever you want in life and enjoy it to the fullest. When I asked her what brought her life satisfaction, she said it was being able to stay active in her community with family, friends and several organizations. She loves to travel and take classes at the Center for Learning. Concepts and Theory

Some of the concepts that I have chosen to incorporate into the paper are adaptation, adult care, daily activities, retirement and I have chosen to incorporate the activity theory. I believe that these concepts and theory best fit Virginia’s busy life.

The activity theory of aging was constructed on the basis of an individual’s life satisfaction directly related to his or her level of social interaction and/or the level of the activity. The activity theory states that people develop ideas about themselves based on their daily activities and the rolls that they play in life. According to the theory many people give up roles as they age. Many often move into roles that makes them question their self identity such as; retirement, becoming a widow or widower. And because these changes can cause an individual to question their identity many will create substitute roles for the ones that they have had to abandon (Atchley, Robert and Barusch, Amanda 2004). Family, Friends, and Social Support

There are three of bonding that hold a relationship together: interdependence, intimacy, and belonging. Interdependence is what brings people together to satisfy their needs, which can't be done alone. through these relationships individuals can bring together their resources, knowledge and support for one another. intimacy allows individual to exchange affection and trust among their friends, family, and other social support systems. relationships that individuals develop can be based on their need to belong. These three types of bonding can combined or can be used independently (Atchley, Robert and Barusch, Amanda 2004).

Family is one of the most important and simple social institutions. There are many different styles of family throughout our cultural. Family's can be a major support system for individuals that are going through changes in their life as they age.

Virginia expressed to many in many ways that as she grew up family was a very important part of her life. Virginia is the middle child of three kids. She has a younger and older sister. As children they were very close and continued to be as they grew into adults. When the sisters were all about the age of twenty they all were living in different states but still making sure that they kept in contact with their parents and between one another at least weekly by phone. Virginia and her sisters were born and raised in Chicago, a few blocks from Wrigley Field, so as a family they would often walk down to the field and watch the Chicago Cubs play. She spoke of family vacations that were taken yearly, one that she cold remember the most was of the trip that they would take every fourth of July to Nashville to celebrate the holiday with her fathers family. Virginia did not have a lot of...
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